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Acts 2017

National Circus Festival Ireland Friday Night Show Info


National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Svalbard Company

Svalbard Company


ALL GENIUS ALL IDIOT – Svalbard Company (Sweden) Surreal, outrageous and utterly impressive, Svalbard revel in the absurdities of life. Extreme circus artistry highlights human behaviour at its most animalistic. Featuring Chinese pole, aerial rope, hand balance and acrobatics, with an original live soundtrack.




National Circus Festival Ireland Circus Siamsa Info


National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Roxana Kuwen

Roxana Küwen

Act – Circus Siamsa 

Roxana likes to take her audience into her world and make them be astonished, confused or amazed by playing with categories and presence. Apart from that she likes to put her disciplines in various contexts and to work site-specificly, performing for diverse audiences.

National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Mat Ricardo

Mat Ricardo

Act – Circus Siamsa 

Mat’s work merges verbal and physical comedy, storytelling, dance, and of
course, his trademark spectacular feats of dexterity.

“…a funny, impressive, always entertaining show,..If you like
your comedy with skills and more than a little genuine risk of amputation, try Mat Ricardo” – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman
★★★★“Immensely skilled and very funny”
– Time Out

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National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Maleta


Act – Circus Siamsa 

This work is specially commissioned by NCFI for 2017. Maleta Comapny is an Irish based contemporary circus company, made up of Alex Allison (Ireland) and Davi Hora (Brazil), the company uses juggling, manipulation and the body as a base in which they can explore aspects of human condition. It’s about friendship. It is about struggle and success, conflict and support. The journey we make and take; alone and together, this is how we get along. Two jugglers share a space, using objects, their bodies and play they construct their language.

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National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Madame Jocelyne

Madame Jocelyne

Act – Circus Siamsa 
Hoopelaï is a moment of carefreeness, as if everything is for the best in the best of worlds. It’s about an elegantly pretentious sparklingly great lady who is frolicking over small dramas. A sometimes dizzying journey, filled with incredible feats and touching simplicity.

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National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Tobia Circus

Tobia Circus

Act – Circus Siamsa 

Tobia Circus presents an innovative show where ordinary brooms lead us in the absurd world of Philip Sutil, a thin and nimble gentleman who loves women and dancing. This smart character is fascinated by the idea of “equilibrium” and wants to challenge gravity and steal lightness in order to share it with his public. This is a show of balancing and clownerie with a surreal note where twists and unexpected turns follow one another.

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National Circus Festival Ireland Acts: Brian Daly

Brian Daly

MC – Circus Siamsa 

Brian Daly is without a doubt one of the entertainers at the Irish Circus Festival. A true
professional messer with a mix of comedy, magic, and pickpocket skills to delight big kids
and little brats.

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