Acts 2019

Acts 2019





A captivating exploration of primal behaviour created by performers from leading circus companies Gravity & Other Myths, NoFit State Circus, Seven Fingers and Poivre Rose.

Witness the ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition, the Machiavellian cunning and the simple pleasure of play brought to life through the entrancing skill of these creatures of different circus backgrounds. Set to an original live soundtrack by award-winning acoustic and percussive guitarist Geordie Little.

Performed by Rhiannon Cave-Walker, Matt Pasquet, Imogen Huzel, Arthur Parsons, Christopher Dagg, and Santiago Ruiz. Music by Geordie Little.

“A synergy of dynamic and creative forces that is as beautiful as life itself.” – Scenestr

“…wild creatures in a beautifully controlled acrobatic story.” – Broadway World

★★★★★ “An entrancing display of skills and finesse”- Weekend Notes


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Beginning in 2000, professional since 2005, he keeps on performing constantly all around the world (alone or with companies he set up with other artists) with his juggling and equilibrium skills, taking part in street festivals, events, theatrical seasons and tv broadcasts, and collecting great successes and international awards along his career.

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Duo Kaos

Duo Kaos was founded in 2009 by circus and theatre artists Giulia Arcangeli and Luis Paredes. On the street, the square or the theatre, every time Duo Kaos is staged, a new imaginary world comes to life, the unmistakable poetic theatricality of Giulia and Luis combine to form an elegant and original acrobatic style.







Lords of Strut (MC Circus Siamsa)

Circus boys who take messin seriously!
LORDS OF STRUT’s unique combination of dance, comedy and circus has seen them win multiple awards for their work written for both adult and family audiences alike. The Street Performance World Champions and fan favourites of the hit ITV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ have appeared on multiple television talk shows, created flash mobs, toured a hugely successful street show, and developed a hit online video series in addition to their critically acclaimed live shows.


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Duo Zenzero e Cannella

Duo Zenzero e Cannella are a hand to hand duo as well as being a delicious herbal tea!

Magdalena Vicente and Nicolò Bussi met at the Festival Circa in the south of France and the first words that they exchanged were: “Do you go up with or without a tempo?”. Despite the distance, living in different cities and the pressure of their respective circus schools (ENACR and CNAC, France) both artists always found a way to meet at the weekend to train wherever possible, from the circus school to more random training venues such as livings rooms, libraries, parks and gardens.

Today they are working in productions in France and in Italy and receiving interest from other parts of the world. On these trips they are accompanied by the fascination of the public because of their creativity, high level skill and comedy combined.









A new collaborative duo between acrobat Cristian Fierro (Spain) and hula hooper Gracie May Marshall (Ireland).

Fling; A short period of enjoyment or wild behaviour. Taking techniques from hula hoops, acrobatics and hoop diving while using a common element of movement, this mesmerising duo show you a playful superbly executed relationship between two different disciplines and themselves.


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Thelmo Parole

Thelmo Parole is a beautiful non verbal clown who will wow all ages with his diabolical diabolo skills and ingenious stupidity! 17 years performing professionally in the endlessly fascinating and beautiful world of clown, inspired by the great classics and transformed for our current times, prepare to have your heart warmed and your smile widened.


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Tumble Circus

Tumble Circus are a Belfast based revolutionary Irish circus company who have been part of the fabric of the artistic community of Belfast and breaking boundaries and borders since 1998. Founded by Ken Fanning and Tina Segner the company has led the way as an artistically ambitious and resourceful arts organisation, earning an exemplary national and international reputation. Tumble Circus stunned audiences with their headline show in Theatre and Circus at Glastonbury 2019. Despite the company being run from caravans, hotel rooms and a Ford Transit van, they have toured extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and The World. They are open to exploring realms yet to be discovered.

Duo trapeze act: High skilled comedy trapeze act. A dynamic display of total trust, physical strength and no clear idea of what is happening.


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MC Kevin McGahern (Renegade Show)

Originally from Cavan, Kevin first began performing stand up in 2009 before joining the popular television series The Hardy Bucks on RTÉ 2 as Simcard. After featuring in a number of sketches on the show, Kevin took over as host of Republic of Telly, initially alongside Bernard O’Shea and Jennifer Maguire before flying solo in 2015. 



Teatime Company

Thinking inside the lines, outside the box and around the clock is the heart of LINEAR. Thrust into a cold-grey world of straight lines and narrow minds the performers are invited to think laterally. Each choice cascades into the next, creating a swirling dream of images.

We invite you too to join us in creating your own world of fiery-pits, umbilical chords, donkeys or just simple sticks.

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