Opportunities 2019


Acrobatics Masterclass with Duo Zenzero e Cannella: Thursday November 14th 

Acro Research with Duo Zenzero e Cannella

 A 3 hour research session for slightly more experienced dancers/movers/acrobats with duo Zenzero e Cannella. This special 3 hour session with a smaller group will be dedicated towards researching techniques and transitions in Hand to hand, partner dance acro as well as incorporating an object into partner work.

We recommend these prerequisites to get the most out of the workshop:
Basing or flying standing on shoulders (2high)
Basing or flying foot to hand on a lying base

Date: 14th November 2019
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Price: €20
Venue: Acro & Aerial Hall

SIGN UP AT:  https://forms.gle/N6b9SYrvZ58DAriL9

After the workshop the Acro & Aerial hall is open to NCFI festival pass holders for a jam all evening! 

Please note, entrance to this masterclass is not included in convention ticket. For inquiries, fees & bookings please contact hnrkgard@gmail.com.



Handstand Masterclass with Rhianon Cave-Walker: Thursday 14th November

Prerequisites: ~ 10 seconds freestanding handstand

Date: 14th November 2019
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Venue: Acro & Aerial Hall

Born in Byron Bay, Australia, Rhianon has been in the circus scene her whole life, training at the Spaghetti Circus Youth Circus from the age of only four years old. As an adult she graduated from DOCH, Stockholm, with the specialities of hand-balancing and hand to hand flying, focusing on a unique movement quality and research approach to her circus disciplines.

Since graduating she has performed for Gravity & Other Myths, and Co-founded ‘FAUNA CIRCUS’ which has been touring the world for three years now and has picked up awards along the way.


Nat Whittingham Tumbling Masterclasses: Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th November

Nat Whittingham is a Circus Artist, Acrobat and Teacher from Cambridgeshire. Originally trained as a gymnast before later studying Teeterboard at L’ESAC in Brussels, he is a versatile and experienced acrobat. Picked up as an apprentice by Nofit State Circus at the age of 18, he toured internationally with their show ‘Bianco’ as well as ‘Block’ and ‘Open House’ and has worked with them ever since. 

After his training at ESAC in Brussels, he worked extensively in the UK and Europe, with companies such as Pirates of the Carabina, Ellie Dubois/Superfan, and Compagnie Bivouac, as well as R&D work with Upswing Aerial and Punchdrunk. In recent years he has focussed more on solo acrobatics, fusing traditional gymnastics, contemporary floorwork and acrobatic research. 

He teaches this internationally (with his partner) under the name Moving Through Acrobatics, as well as being a resident teacher at Circomedia and Fourth Monkey Theatre School. He also runs Sneaky&Raptor, his own contemporary circus company. 


Master Classes:

Friday 15th November
13 – 14:30
15 – 16:30
Saturday 16th November
10:30 – 12
1 3– 14:30
15 – 16:30

Sunday 17th November
10:30 – 12




An Introduction to Critical Response Process: Sunday 17th November

Most artists present their work, and afterwards are deprived of important, meaningful feedback from the audience. The artist wants to ‘do’ something with the work, ‘say’ something or have some sort of impact. How can they know they achieved what they wanted – really?

Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) is an excellent answer to this problem. It is a widely-recognised method that nurtures the development of works in progress through a four step, facilitated dialogue between makers, peers, and audiences. Having good feedback from audiences will increase the quality and richness of Irish-made circus and street art. The artist develops their understanding of how to produce and communicate through their medium. The audience develops relationships with artists and a language of understanding and discussing the work.

In this workshop, Natasha Gore will introduce us in detail to CRP, and we will actually apply it to an act from one of our own ISACS artists, so you can see firsthand how powerful this really is. This is a must for anyone creating acts / characters / routines, whether you are an established professional, or an aspiring amateur.

Sunday 17th November, 12:00 – 14.30
Venue: KDYS Loft Room

For inquiries & bookings please contact brianoc15@hotmail.com